Are Fender Duo Sonics Good?

are fender duo sonics good 14

Although initially intended for beginners, the Fender Duo-Sonic quickly became an underground sensation that paved the way for alternative rock in dingy New York bars in the 1960s.  This beautiful instrument has had several models released over time, and each model comes with its own modified features. So the ever-evolving Duo-Sonic should not be looked past as … Read more

May be the ProCo Rat A Fuzz Pedal?

may be the proco rat a fuzz pedal

The ProCo Rat defined the sound of many classic tough rock and metallic records.   With its sturdy construction and snarling, aggressive tone, it’s no wonder that Alice in Chains, Metallica, and even the Arctic Monkeys have all used the Rat to great effect. Despite its “fuzzy” qualities, the particular ProCo Rat is really a … Read more

15 Best Overdrive Pedals For Marshall Amps

15 best overdrive pedals for marshall amps

An excellent overdrive tone is the sort of thing guitar players dream about.  Ideally, an overdrive pedal should mimic the sound of a tube amplifier pushed to saturation.  Of course, we don’t all have the luxury of dining a vintage Marshall, which the flourishing industry of overdrive pedals aims to address. Marshall amplifiers have a … Read more

15 Best Steel String Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

15 best steel string acoustic guitar for beginners

Shopping for your first guitar can lead you down quite the rabbit hole.  For some, this is a welcomed adventure, but it can be overwhelming nonetheless. Others may have no clue where to even begin.  This guide aims to provide the beginner guitar player with some solid options for their first steel-stringed guitar. To help … Read more

Exactly what Equipment Do I Need To Perform Electric Guitar?

exactly what equipment do i need to perform electric guitar

Unlike its acoustic cousin, the particular electric guitar requires several additional equipment before you can start chugging strength chords or shredding solos. If you are only just transitioning from an traditional to an electric guitar, our own article “ How to transition through acoustic to guitar ” is a superb resource to help you with … Read more

How Long Do Guitar Strings Last If Not Played

how long do guitar strings last if not played

The first time I asked myself this issue was when I started to build my own electric guitar collection. I first started playing guitar with a classical guitar. Nevertheless , after some time, I bought a guitar. Before I understood it, the guitar had become my first choice of instrument. Quite a long time passed … Read more

Reasons Do Cheap Guitars Have High Action At The 12th Fret?

reasons do cheap guitars have high action at the 12th fret

Cheap guitars are produced from low-quality components, cheap woods, and are often set up wrong. This is because the only path to make these instruments profitable, but affordable, is by cutting corners, employing unskilled laborers, and undertaking low-quality control standards. While often the sound on the cheap guitars may not get affected too much (depending … Read more